Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Project, Full or Hybrid outsourcing solutions

What, Why and How

RPO or recruitment process outsourcing, essentially means outsourcing the recruitment function to a third party
RPO is not just about outsourcing but about partnership over a defined timescale.
  • European Search Company partner with our clients to produce a personalised resourcing solution, with the objective of finding the right talent to take their company to the next level.
  • We become your recruitment team for a defined period, usually for a yearly recurring contract
  • We tailor a professional recruitment process tor your organisation
  • Job task and hiring requirements are refined giving your clarity on your hiring needs.
  • Train hiring managers on best practice, leaving a legacy of hiring success.
  • Working with senior management to plan resourcing requirements ahead of time.
  • Undertake all the screening and first interviews, saving your hiring managers valuable time.
  • Cost are built around a monthly retainer allowing better forecasting and usually savings due to reduced reliance on outside agencies.
  • Quality of hire rises hiring candidates who then go on to perform
Given today’s economic environment, greater operational cost efficiency is an organizational imperative. The recent recession has driven a significant change in hiring demand and requirements for most businesses, causing companies to reevaluate their recruitment process and cost structure.
Reduce costs while adding business value
  • Cost Reduction Through Shared Risk
  • Faster Time to Hire
  • Streamlined Recruitment Processes
  • Scalable solution due to hiring needs
  • Senior Staffing consultants on site at all times
  • Global database of thousands of screened, specially skilled professionals and sourcing channels that significantly increases your talent pipeline.
  • Access to a greater amount of recruiting and screening professionals than you can carry on your own staff, who can scale their volume of work with the requisition load

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

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